Wednesday, 30 July 2008

New Figures

I went to the To the Redoubt show at Eastbourne at the weekend and bought about five packs of the Great War Miniatures figures: German jaegers and infantry and some French. They look very compatible with the Renegade figures and I wouldn't think they would look any different once painted.

I am currently working on my next unit of Guards infantry but this time painting them in the greyer uniforms of the early war period. I may have to go back and repaint my green-grey ones, grr!


Giles said...

He's a scary-looking chap; I bet he doesn't like it up 'im...

Gamburd said...

It seems like you are in the early stage of building your army, but perhaps some time you could recommend a good set(s) of Great War wargaming rules?

I have heard of one rulebook called "Bloody Picnic", and a company called Warhammer just recently released a set of rules which I think was just called "The Great War".