Friday, 24 April 2009

Problem mounting Artizan Camel Mounted Arab Irregulars

I had got some of the new Artizan Camel mounted figures delivered today and had terrible trouble mounting them on the camels. I really thought they were useless and put a note up on TMP about them. Both Brigade Games and Artizan (it's a joint range) came back straight away and said they would look into it.

..I mounted this one and couldn't lose this gaping space at the back

Mike Owen explained that he had sculpted them in one piece and then seperated them for casting, so that meant that particular riders only fitted on particular camels. I was trying to fit the figure on the wrong camel!

The figure with his rifle across his chest on the left only sits on the camel whose back legs are closer together.

Great responses from Artizan and Brigade on this.

That said, there are two different camels but in one pack I got two identical ones. Maybe it's only the one figure who needs the particular camel...


Robert said...

Been there done that! I really share your pain here.

There is nothing worse that cavalry (camelry?) figures that fit their mounts so poorly that they are either unusable or else require hours of frustrating work with epoxy putty and files trying to make them look half decent.

A real drag if your army require large numbers of the brutes.

You'd think the masters were tested for fitting before being sent to the mould makers.


Scott Pasha said...

Yikes! I have several packs of these and haven't even tried to fit them yet. It's really too bad, since this range has real promise.
Scott Pasha