Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Early War British Infantry: Great War Miniatures

Great War Miniatures is run by Aly Morrison and Dave Andrews. I think that they do ranges each as the styles of the figures can be quite different. Like Renegade, they do both late and early war figures. Unlike Renegade they continue to produce new figures at a reasonable rate. They started with the late war and are now moving on to early war. So far the range looks like this. (Why can't they get decent sized pictures on their website?)

B100 Officers and NCOs

B101 Infantry Advancing

B102 Infantry Skirmishing

B103 Vickers gun and three crew

B125 Leach catapult and 3 crew

Gun 1 13pdr Mark 1
B112 Artillery crew

Gun 2 18 pdr mark 1 Gun
Gun 3 British Ammunition Wagon

So altogether they offer 12 poses of infantry including firing and kneeling figures, six command, a Vickers gun with 3 (as opposed to Renegade's 2) crew (actually you needed 6-8 in a Vickers team) and both 13 and 18 pounder guns with ammunition wagon.

GWM have maintained that they want to produce the definitive range of Great War figures and I have to say that you can't fault these. They have addressed some of the problems I have with Renegade (the equipment, especially the pack, is spot on, the rifle more in scale and the hat looks right (the brim to hatband proportions are correct). It's not a perfect range: I'd like to see some prone figures and a maxim gun as well but I suspect these are the ones I will go with. At a push they are compatible with Renegade anyway as this picture shows.

Renegade on the left GWM on the right. Note the differences in hat proportions, the brim should be wider than the peak.

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