Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Early War British Infantry: Woodbine Design Company

These figures are sculpted by Soapy for this Gripping Beast offshoot. So far they have concentrated on ANZACS and turks for Gallipoli but have now done a pack of British which you can buy with different head variants. So far they just have:

Serge Uniform Section Pack (Service Cap)

They come in packs of 10 and there are at least 8 poses illustrated on the website. No command or support yet though. These look similar in bulk to the Renegade figures but with better hats. They have got the pack right at least. the hands look horribly big but it could just be the way the photo has come out.

If I ever do the Turkish front then the Woodbine figures would be worth looking at as their Turkish army figures are the most complete range out there but for the Western Front I will look elsewhere I think.

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meadows boy said...

If you are after Early War Brits you cannot beat Musketeer MIniatures a bit pricey but in my opinion the best available!